How do you clean my windows using "pure water systems"?

We first scrub your windows, frames and sills using a brush on top of a long pole which enables us to work from the ground. Then, we rinse off the windows thoroughly with processed de-ionised water we carry in our vans. This leaves your windows very clean, and since there is no residue from detergent, cleaning products, contaminates in the water or anything else, your windows actually stay cleaner for longer!

Why are my windows left all wet after the clean?

This tried and tested window cleaning method only works if the de-ionised water remaining on the windows is LEFT TO DRY. So please do not be tempted to dry them off as it will only spoil the clean!

How often do you carry out your service?

For residential customers we carry out our window cleaning service on 4 or 8 week intervals, whichever you prefer.

For commercial customers requiring a window cleaning service we work upon request so if you need it weekly, fortnightly or monthly we can accommadate.

If you require gutter, cladding or facias and soffit cleaning we will carry out by request.

How can I pay?

By cash at the door or bank transfer - please don't forget to refer to your unique customer account number so that we can process your payment smoothly and update your account accordingly!

How soon do I have to pay?

We would be grateful if you could pay us within 7 days. Hope you don't mind us sending you a gentle reminder after 7 days by text!

We always have our rear gate locked, how will you overcome this?

On request, we will text you the day before your clean so you can leave gate unlocked, otherwise you can provide us a key for the gate or tell us the combination on a padlock so we can gain access. 

Will you still clean our windows in the rain?

Yes there will be times when we clean your windows whilst it is raining. This new technology uses laboratory grade pure demineralised water, no soap residue is left on glass so rain has no adverse effect on the quality of your window clean. We work in most weather conditions apart from torrential rain and stormy conditions to maintain regularity of service.

Do I need to be at home when you clean our windows?

No as long as all windows are closed and we can get access to all windows we will clean them and leave an invoice so you know we called.

Health & Safety

All of our staff are trained to comply with the most recent health and safety legislation.


All our staff are insured up to £5 million to provide you with peace of mind and reassurance.